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Account & Billing

Learn about GoodCharlie services and how to make updates/changes to your account.

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How do I transfer my services to a new address?
I think my identity was used to set up an account with GoodCharlie. What can I do?
Can I add another person to my GoodCharlie account?
Does GoodCharlie offer average or balanced billing?
Can I pay my energy bill from my bank’s online bill pay service?
How do I create a MyAccount?
How do I change my email address in MyAccount?
Where can I locate my energy plan documents in MyAccount?
How to set up usage and billing alerts in MyAccount
Can I receive paper bills?
How long does it take to connect new services?
Is there a fee to switch to GoodCharlie?
Does GoodCharlie offer a referral program?
How do I register a pet in MyAccount?
How do I setup Autopay?
When will my deposit be refunded?
Do I need to send a cancellation notice to my current provider?
If I don't sign up with a pet initially, can I still have access to the Pet Perks if I adopt a pet in the future?
How do I make a one-time payment in MyAccount?
I accidentally transfered service to the wrong address. What do I do?
How can I satisfy a deposit?
Will I have to pay a deposit to start service?
Is there a charge to change providers?
How can I reset my password?
I received an email that states I need to submit additional information before my service can start. What do I do?
What are TDSP Charges?
Who do I contact regarding my bill?
Will my electric rate ever change?
How do I cancel my services?
How do I update my payment method?
How can I make a payment?
How can I find out when my bill is due?
Are there agencies in my area that can help with my electric bill?
What other bill payment assistance resources are available?
Can I pay my bill after the due date?
I can't pay my bill for a while - what are my options?
How do I report a power outage?
How much do my Pet Perks cost?
How do I turn off paperless billing?
How do I terminate my GoodCharlie energy service?
What happens if I move before my contract ends?
How can I check my account balance with GoodCharlie if I have multiple accounts?
Can I pay my GoodCharlie energy bill using an eCheck?
Why does MyAccount show my status as "Suspended"?
Why does MyAccount show a negative balance?
How to login with Facebook or Google
What permissions am I granting when I log in with Facebook or Google?
Is my information safe when I log in with Facebook or Google?
What if I forget my Facebook or Google password?