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Welcome OnPoint Customers!
Welcome OnPoint Customers!

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I received a letter notifying me that my account will transition to GoodCharlie, but I have already switched to another electricity provider. What will happen to my service?
Do I need to do anything on my end?
I have a plan with green energy with OnPoint Energy. Will that change?
When will my service begin with GoodCharlie and when can I expect my first bill?
Will my current plan change once my account is transferred?
What happens to electronic payments or automatic payments that I’ve set up?
I am enrolled on automatic bill payment through my bank. Do I need to notify them?
I currently receive my bills from OnPoint Energy via email. Will that continue?
I have heard that GoodCharlie offers fantastic free Pet Perks with every electricity plan, as an OnPoint customer will I receive these perks?
I received a renewal notice from OnPoint Energy. What do I do?
How do I contact GoodCharlie, my new electricity provider?
How do I contact OnPoint Energy, my existing electricity provider?
What if I want to cancel my account and not transfer to GoodCharlie?
How do I make my final payment to OnPoint Energy?
What happens to the credit balance I had with OnPoint Energy?
What will happen to my OnPoint Energy online bill pay account?
I promised to make a past-due payment before a certain date in order to not be disconnected. Is that still in order?
Will my account continue on the deferred payment plan I accepted with OnPoint Energy?
What payment options are available through GoodCharlie?
What will happen to the deposit I paid when I enrolled with OnPoint Energy?