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GoodCharlie Emergency Fund Overview
GoodCharlie Emergency Fund Overview
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How it works:

  • The Emergency Fund becomes available 15 days after completing your first pet profile in MyAccount.

  • Only covers life-threatening emergencies that require immediate medical care.

  • Only covers costs related to the initial emergency care. Does not cover the cost of follow-up care.

  • You cannot access the Emergency Fund if your pet has been admitted to a vet clinic or hospital for emergency care prior to contacting a GoodCharlie vet.

  • Funds are restricted to a one-time payout regardless of the amount, up to $750. If your emergency vet bill is less than $750, the remaining amount will be forfeited. Your fund will be renewed automatically each year on your sign-up date.

  • Funds are only paid to a registered vet clinic at the time of a life-threatening emergency.

  • The $750 is available to use for one emergency per year, per household.

  • Covers up to 5 pets in your household. Cats and dogs only.

  • You can take your pet to any veterinary clinic in the U.S.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must first consult with a GoodCharlie vet via a live face-to-face video call before gaining access to your Emergency Fund.

  • You have up to a maximum of 4 hours to take your pet to an emergency clinic or any vet clinic of your choice after being referred by a GoodCharlie vet.

  • You must provide a completed pet profile for all your pets with their name, age, weight, breed, and a clear photo.

  • You may be required to provide proof of ownership of your pet.

  • You must remain current in your payment of your monthly electric bill for the electric service provided by GoodCharlie.

  • Some vet clinics require a deposit before accepting your pet for evaluation. You will be required to pay any deposit required, however, upon receiving the final invoice, the deposit will be included in the final payment issued by GoodCharlie.

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