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What is an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)?
What is an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)?
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The Public Utility Commission of Texas requires that every plan is accompanied with an Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to help a customer make an apple-to-apples comparison of electricity plans. An EFL contains information of the plan's electricity pricing, contract terms, and renewable content. An EFL must display the Average Rate per kWh at 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh usage levels. The Average Rate at each usage level is calculated using the applicable energy rate, monthly base fees, usage credits or charges, and the TDSP delivery charges. Often times our competitors' plans are misleading and unfair, so as a consumer, its important to closely examine your EFL prior to selecting a plan to ensure an understanding of the plan's pricing structure. To find the EFL for your GoodCharlie plan select "Learn More" under each plan on the products page of the enrollment journey.

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