Best Friends Animal Society is the leading animal welfare organization working to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025. Best Friends - Houston is dedicated to working collaboratively with area shelters, animal welfare organizations, community members, businesses, and passionate individuals. They develop foster programs, encourage adoption, and transport pets to places where they’re more likely to find homes. Best Friends - Houston also uses a community-based sheltering model that encourages and empowers the public to be involved with and support all aspects of animal welfare in the community.

CAMO Rescue is devoted to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and the streets. They save the most needful, neglected, and those with the greatest medical needs. They specialize in dogs that other rescues can’t or won’t take due to fearful nature or medical issues, primarily ‘euthanasia-listed’ animals that are in immediate danger of death as well as strays. CAMO provides shots, spay/neuter, microchip, foster homes, food, medical treatment, and love to the dogs they save. They also provide education to the community, encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership. CAMO believes that animals are entitled to a quality life, respect, and compassion and that since humans have domesticated animals, there is a moral and ethical responsibility to care for them.

Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is a foster-based rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of healthy and treatable pets at the greatest risk of euthanasia in North Texas. Most pets that come into their care have medical issues so severe that shelters do not have the capacity to support them. While fostering and adopting homeless pets is central to their mission, DPA has made it a top priority to proactively work with families and individuals to help keep pets in their homes.

DFW Humane Society is a nonprofit, lifesaving animal shelter dedicated to giving neglected and unwanted pets a second chance in life through adoption. Each year, they rescue over 900 pets and provide daily care, food, and enrichment until they find their perfect human match. In addition, DFW Humane Society rescues injured and sick pets and arranges for necessary medical treatments so that they can live a full, long, and healthy life.

Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue believes every life matters. Their mission is to save urgent dogs from high-risk shelters primarily in Houston, TX and provide the care they need until they can place them in permanent, loving homes across the US. Through outreach and education, Dizzy Dog advocates for animals in our community and is committed to bringing about a time when there are no more homeless pets.

Fix West Texas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing unwanted litters, keeping pets healthy, and reducing community shelter intake and euthanasia rates. Not only do they prevent unwanted litters with affordable spay and neuter surgeries, but they also make sure local pets are healthy and can stay with the families that love them by providing affordable vaccinations and preventatives.

Forgotten Coast Animal Rescue's mission is to address, educate, rescue, and provide aid and relief to eradicate neglected, abused, and unwanted companion animals at risk of euthanasia and homelessness, with a primary focus in Houston. They do this through services such as vetting, medical care, supplies, house checks, transportation, boarding, and providing nurturing foster homes where companion animals can heal (both mentally and physically) until a rescue or permanent home is found through their adoption screening process. It is their purpose to provide and promote the importance of proper care, consistent vaccination, and spaying and neutering of companion animals to decrease the growing population. They believe ultimately this will decrease pain, suffering, and cruelty.

Friends of CountyPets is the 501(c)3 non-profit appointed to serve Harris County Pets operated under Harris County Public Health with the mission to help provide funds to support Harris County Pets' efforts to provide care for county animals and reduce the homeless pet population in Harris County, Texas. Friends of CountyPets provides a valuable service by supporting non-mandated programs like community outreach, education, and other lifesaving endeavors and special initiatives.

Friends of Dallas Animal Services is the official, non-profit fundraising partner to Dallas Animal Services, one of the largest dog and cat intake shelters in the country. Their mission is to directly benefit Dallas Animal Services by supporting programs and services that further its vision of providing compassionate care of shelter animals and finding positive outcomes for all placeable pets. They support the shelter through enrichment, fostering, medical care, and general shelter support.

Furry Friends of Richardson is the 501(c)3 arm of the Richardson Animal Shelter. Their aim is to give a second chance to shelter animals by helping the shelter with medical expenses, adoptions, and all other needs of the shelter not covered by government mandates.

Gulf Coast Humane Society's mission is to provide shelter and care for homeless animals through adoption, fostering, community partnerships, education, and affordable spay-neuter and vaccine services. Gulf Coast Humane Society is the largest no-kill shelter in Texas’ Coastal Bend.

Heart of the Underdog’s wish is that no animal will have to endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect. Their mission is to advocate for pets in need through fostering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach to help strengthen the human-animal bond.

Houston Cares Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer organization working to rescue animals from the streets of Houston, caring for them in loving foster homes, where they are provided medical care and training (if needed) until forever homes can be found. It also has a Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats and feeds several feral colonies. Houston Cares works to educate the community about animal care and the importance of spay/neuter.

Houston K-911 Rescue is a non-profit organization with a mission to address the immediate crisis of animal overpopulation in Houston by rescuing street dogs in poor health and in danger. They provide safe haven and rehabilitation and place dogs in loving homes to be fostered and adopted. Houston K-911 turns their lives around. Many of the dogs that they take in are emergency cases requiring immediate assistance. Houston K-911 helps dogs no matter the condition they are in: they help abandoned and neglected dogs, nurse broken bones, and help heal old and new wounds alike.

Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!) is a rescue whose mission is to save the lives of at-risk companion cats and dogs and find them loving homes. They’re not your average rescue. They act as a safety net for municipal shelters such as BARC and Harris County Animal Shelters, and they are committed to developing programs alongside them so that they can work together to reduce homelessness and save more lives around the Houston area.

Jenni's Rescue Ranch rescues and rehabilitates abandoned, neglected, and abused animals and places them into loving homes. They contribute to the reduction in pet overpopulation through community education, outreach, and support.

Lola's Lucky Day (Lola’s) helps homeless animals in Houston and Dallas who have no other options. Lola’s saves dogs and networks and transports them (once fully vetted) to partner rescue groups in Wisconsin where the overpopulation and stray dog problem doesn’t exist. Lola’s has saved over 7,650 dogs who otherwise would have had no chance at survival.

Lost Dogs of Texas’ (LDOT) mission is to reunite missing dogs with their families, show that most dogs are lost, not dumped, and educate the public on effective methods to find lost dogs. In short, LDOT helps lost and found dogs go home. LDOT partners with to provide free lost or found flyers as well as traces dead-end microchips and has helped reunite over 25,000 lost dogs with their families since its inception.

Petco Love, in partnership with animal welfare organizations and 1,500 Petco stores across the country, helps bring pets together with loving families every day. Petco Love invests in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives—always investing wisely in organizations with the most lifesaving impact. While Petco Love operates nationwide, GoodCharlie's roundup donations specifically fund their animal welfare efforts based in Texas.

Rescue Texas' mission is to provide care, compassion, and homes to animals in need of medical attention while engaging and educating communities about responsible pet ownership. They give new life to dogs nobody wants to help because they were injured or sick. They also save dogs from cruelty and neglect and give them a new life, too.

Spay Neuter Network’s mission is to eliminate pet overpopulation through spay/neuter while empowering communities to care responsibly for dogs and cats. There are an estimated 350,000 stray animals in North Texas. Overpopulation places a strain on shelters and communities. By offering free or low-cost spay/neuter, and by empowering communities to care responsibly for their pets, Spay Neuter Network can be the pet health experts for animals and owners who need them the most.

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program's (SNAP) mission is to prevent the suffering and death of companion animals and to enrich the human-animal bond by providing excellent, accessible, and affordable spay/neuter and veterinary care. Since 1994, SNAP has focused on high-efficiency spay/neuter, with the goal of realizing its vision of a world with no homeless pets. Over these years, they have provided almost 750,000 spay/neuter surgeries—preventing the births of millions of unwanted puppies and kittens. SNAP is aiming to bring that number to a million surgeries.

Tender Loving Crested Rescue’s (TLCR) mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Chinese Cresteds that have found themselves in less-than-desirable situations. They also strive to educate the community on the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs of all breeds due to overpopulated shelters. TLCR provides owners and breeders of Chinese Cresteds an alternative to surrendering dogs to a shelter. TLRC also informs people on how to prevent overpopulation of all breeds: spay/neuter and adopt!

The Cattery Cat Shelter offers an alternative to traditional animal shelters in providing a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats. From there, they seek permanent, loving homes for these animals. In addition, the organization promotes public awareness regarding the value of animals and their welfare, the dangers of pet overpopulation, and the benefit of quality human-animal companionship.

The Pet Fund pays for veterinary care for individuals who cannot afford it, working only on non-basic, non-urgent care, such as medical needs including cancer treatment, heart disease, chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, eye diseases, etc. The program helps keep companion animals out of shelters and at home with the families who love them. While The Pet Fund serves pet owners in need nationwide, GoodCharlie's roundup donations specifically fund the medical needs of dog and cat owners in Texas only.

Tomball Save Our Strays (SOS) is a Trap-Neuter-Release nonprofit committed to making life better for Tomball's community cats. They care for several community cat colonies by providing fresh food and water on a daily basis as well as vet care when needed. Tomball SOS traps, neuters, and returns all cats that frequent their colonies and gets kittens and friendly cats into adoption programs through their local rescue partners.

Wolly Kitten Club is a volunteer, foster-home-based organization in Houston, Texas. Their mission is to provide safe and loving foster homes for cats and kittens who come from open-admission shelters until they can be transported to the Midwest where they are adopted. Due to Houston's warm climate, "kitten season" lasts nearly year-round, so the need for foster homes is tremendous. Since 2018, Wolly Kitten Club's network of caregivers has fostered more than 1,800 cats and kittens and saves more every day!

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