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What rescue partners does GoodCharlie support?
What rescue partners does GoodCharlie support?

GoodCharlie partners with rescues across the state of Texas!

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APET-SPCA's (Animal Preservation of East Texas) mission is to reduce populations of unwanted dogs and cats and to reduce animal cruelty, including neglect and abandonment, through spay/neuter initiatives and education. They recognize the importance of education and public outreach to foster a sentiment of compassionate, responsible pet ownership. Further, APET also seeks to expand its SPCA-type shelter to provide refuge and adoption options for a multitude of homeless dogs and cats.

Abandoned Animal Rescue's (AAR) mission is to end pet overpopulation that results in the euthanasia or surrender and abandonment of unwanted cats and dogs. They do this by providing a rescue and adoption center, emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering, and educating on humane animal ownership. AAR is committed to the emotional, physical, and behavioral well-being of each animal in its care.

Alpine Humane Society builds community commitment to the humane treatment of animals. To achieve this vision, they provide adoption support services, spay/neuter funding, medical assistance, and community education. They also offer a pet pantry to support the community when an emergency arises.

Angels of the Streets provides medical care and houses senior dogs with love and respect until they are able to cross the rainbow bridge. They believe every senior dog deserves to live out their golden years, months, weeks, or even days in a place of love, security, and peace, and, in addition, that dogs are not a disposable commodity; rather, they depend on us to care for them through all stages of their lives.

Animal Justice League (AJL) is a dog and cat rescue organization with a focus on the Oak Forest and surrounding neighborhoods of Houston, TX. Their mission is to reduce the homeless pet population through rescue, education, and outreach. They rescue and care for stray and homeless dogs and cats, raise funds to assist with medical expenses, foster and place animals in loving and suitable adoptive homes, and educate the public about the proper care of animals, and the importance of spay and neutering.

Anna’s Angels Dog Rescue (AADR) serves Hardin, Jefferson, and surrounding counties in southeast Texas. Their mission is to provide care, comfort, and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts and minds of the community to bring about an end to unnecessary euthanasia. Their volunteers work to save at-risk, abandoned, and homeless animals. AADR's goal is to prevent animals from entering shelters, and for those that do, get them out alive. They do this by providing temporary shelter, spay and neuter, and other medical services, and caring for, protecting, and finding quality homes for homeless and neglected companion animals. AADR advocates animal welfare, community involvement, and education to further the bond between people and animals.

Apollo Support & Rescue rescues dogs and cats from local North Texas animal shelters, strays off the street, and those trying to survive abuse or neglect; they may have scars, have been abused or abandoned, or just lost their way. The goal at Apollo is to be a stepping stone to care for them and place them in homes that believe in second chances. They are dedicated to finding dogs and cats the right home and helping people find the right pet for their families.

Athena's Angels Rescue focuses on relief of distressed animals by assuming the care and financial responsibilities of ill/injured pets to lessen the burden on government resources. Specifically, they save dogs that many would turn away. Athena's Angels believes no matter what dogs have gone through they all deserve a second chance at life - so they stand up and act as their voice. Get involved with Athena's Angels Rescue today!

Austin Boxer Rescue's mission is to balance the health, safety, and welfare needs of canines in the state of Texas by providing nourishment and a safe environment for unwanted, stray, abused, and impounded boxers. They serve Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and the entire state of Texas, filling a much-needed geographical gap after four other Texas-based boxer rescues closed in one year. Austin Boxer Rescue uses creative programs to help get their dogs placed, which enables them to accept more difficult-to-place dogs and find great homes for them.

Austin Bulldog Rescue takes in adoptable English Bulldogs from animal shelters, other rescue groups, and from owners who can no longer properly care for their dog, and then provide for their medical and behavioral needs. Their intention is to make the best match, taking into consideration the Bulldog’s background and your family's needs. All of their rescued dogs live with families in foster homes in the Austin area until they become adopted.

Austin Pets Alive! pioneers comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save the animals most at risk for euthanasia. With a mission to promote and provide the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals, they envision that every shelter animal, in Central Texas and beyond, gets a true chance at the life they deserve.

Austin Sheltie Rescue's mission is to place homeless shelties into forever homes with loving families. Since 2006, they have rescued over 400 shelties from local shelters, surrendered from owners, and found as strays. They have been able to do this because of the wonderful network of volunteers that help with rescuing, transporting, fostering, nurturing, healing, and providing loving and caring homes.

Baby Gunn's Animal Rescue (BGAR) is dedicated to saving one paw at a time, big or small around Paris, Texas. All of the dogs they save are vet checked for health, provided all shots, dewormer, heart worm tested, spay/neutered, microchipped for life, and receive flea and tick prevention as well as heartworm medicine.

Belle’s Buds Rescue is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and dogs. They save dogs of all sizes and breeds and envision a day where every adoptable dog has a loving, safe, forever home and is no longer suffering alone on the streets. They rescue, heal, foster, and adopt dogs in need.

Best Friends Animal Society is the leading animal welfare organization working to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025. Best Friends - Houston is dedicated to working collaboratively with area shelters, animal welfare organizations, community members, businesses, and passionate individuals. They develop foster programs, encourage adoption, and transport pets to places where they’re more likely to find homes. Best Friends - Houston also uses a community-based sheltering model that encourages and empowers the public to be involved with and support all aspects of animal welfare in the community.

Bissell Pet Foundation exists to support animal welfare organizations and provide resources to underserved communities. This includes helping to reduce the number of animals in shelters and rescues through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, vaccinations, microchipping, and crisis and disaster response. While Bissell Pet Foundation is a national organization, donations made by GoodCharlie specifically go towards helping Texas animals in need.

Blue Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, charitable organization that works to find permanent, loving homes for at-risk homeless dogs in the Central Texas area. Most of their dogs come from Central Texas shelters where they might not have a chance at adoption due to size, color, breed, or medical condition. Because they are a network of foster families, there is no shelter facility.

Brittany Rescue in Texas (BRIT) is devoted to ensuring that Brittany Spaniel dogs recovered from shelters and owner surrenders have a loving and safe forever home. Volunteers provide transport and ensure that the dogs get a comprehensive physical and all needed shots and any medical treatment. BRIT also transports the dogs to their forever homes all over the State of Texas. Their goal is to ensure that no Brittany spends their lives in a shelter or in an unhealthy home environment.

CAMO Rescue is devoted to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and the streets. They save the most needful, neglected, and those with the greatest medical needs. They specialize in dogs that other rescues can’t or won’t take due to fearful nature or medical issues, primarily ‘euthanasia-listed’ animals that are in immediate danger of death as well as strays. CAMO provides shots, spay/neuter, microchip, foster homes, food, medical treatment, and love to the dogs they save. They also provide education to the community, encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership. CAMO believes that animals are entitled to a quality life, respect, and compassion and that since humans have domesticated animals, there is a moral and ethical responsibility to care for them.

Cat Matchers (ka Dallas Cat Rescue) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals. They accomplish this through programs that rescue, spay/neuter, and place animals in need in loving homes and by supporting spay/neuter programs that reduce the number of animals that are euthanized or left homeless each year. Cat Matchers' ultimate goal is to turn disposable animals into lifelong companions.

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) shelters, rescues, and places homeless animals for adoption with loving families. CAP advocates respect and compassion for animal life and provides humane education to help prevent cruelty to animals. CAP speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves through the following programs and services: shelter and care, pet adoption, spaying and neutering, pet care counseling, lost and found pets, feral cat assistance program, pets for seniors, humane education, and a pet supply shop.

Copper's Cat Commune is a cat sanctuary dedicated to the lifetime care of a limited population of ill, disabled, or otherwise adoption-challenged cats, the adoption of as many of those cats as can be reasonably accomplished, as well as the promotion of TNR programs and feline behavioral therapy.

Corridor Rescue emphasizes rescuing & rehabilitating dogs found in Houston’s “Corridor of Cruelty.” They save abandoned, dumped, sick, and pregnant dogs from the Houston streets, medically treat them, and find them loving forever homes. They have a street team that goes out almost daily to feed and triage animals in need in the Corridor.

Cupid's Animal Haven is a sanctuary for homeless cats and dogs in Texas. They believe that every animal deserves a safe and loving home and that spay and neuter is the most effective way to prevent overpopulation and suffering of animals. Cupid's Animal Haven strives to educate Texans about options for spay and neuter and offer a permanent home to less-adoptable animals that need a safe and loving place to live.

Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue is a Houston-area organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned puppies and dogs from high-kill shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. By working with committed volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, trainers, and boarding facilities, they are able to rescue countless animals every year, provide them with loving foster care, and ultimately find them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes. They also serve as a resource to the community and all pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behavior training, and good nutrition and care.

Dallas Pets Alive (DPA) is a foster-based rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of healthy and treatable pets at the greatest risk of euthanasia in North Texas. Most pets that come into their care have medical issues so severe that shelters do not have the capacity to support them. While fostering and adopting homeless pets is central to their mission, DPA has made it a top priority to proactively work with families and individuals to help keep pets in their homes.

Denison Animal Welfare Group's (DAWG) mission is to develop a successful adoption program for abused, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals within the city of Denison. They work to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, develop a network of partners and businesses to fund this endeavor, and create an organization that oversees animal welfare within the city of Denison. They also raise funds to pay for veterinary care and fees associated with animal rescue.

DFW Humane Society is a nonprofit, lifesaving animal shelter dedicated to giving neglected and unwanted pets a second chance in life through adoption. Each year, they rescue over 900 pets and provide daily care, food, and enrichment until they find their perfect human match. In addition, DFW Humane Society rescues injured and sick pets and arranges for necessary medical treatments so that they can live a full, long, and healthy life.

Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform rescues the abandoned, rehabilitates the broken, and reforms the community. By utilizing their Serenity Project to promote education, they start the conversation and the impetus to change animal welfare.

Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue believes every life matters. Their mission is to save urgent dogs from high-risk shelters primarily in Houston, TX and provide the care they need until they can place them in permanent, loving homes across the US. Through outreach and education, Dizzy Dog advocates for animals in our community and is committed to bringing about a time when there are no more homeless pets.

Dog Lodge Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a permanent home for senior and senior special needs dogs that otherwise might face a very bleak future, but in the right environment can still lead a quality life. They are focused on providing a safe, loving, healthy, and stable environment for their dogs so that they may know peace and dignity for the rest of their lives, however long that is. The primary function of Dog Lodge Sanctuary is to come to the rescue of dogs that are considered “unadoptable” because of advanced age or because they have chronic illness or physical disabilities. It is an alternative to life on the streets, abuse, neglect, fighting, and euthanasia, an opportunity for those dogs to be in a place where they can belong, where they can be happy, where all of their special needs can be met, where they can love and be loved.

Dog Rescue R Us' mission is to save abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs in West Texas. They transport their dogs to rescue partners to ensure they have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes up north.

Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving homes for dachshunds in need of a second chance at life. Some have had a wonderful life but were left behind by their only family at a shelter for various reasons, while others have been abused, abandoned, neglected and starved of food and human affection their entire life. Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue believes there is a home somewhere for every dog rescued, some just take a little longer to find.

Fix West Texas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing unwanted litters, keeping pets healthy, and reducing community shelter intake and euthanasia rates. Not only do they prevent unwanted litters with affordable spay and neuter surgeries, but they also make sure local pets are healthy and can stay with the families that love them by providing affordable vaccinations and preventatives.

Forgotten Coast Animal Rescue's mission is to address, educate, rescue, and provide aid and relief to eradicate neglected, abused, and unwanted companion animals at risk of euthanasia and homelessness, with a primary focus in Houston. They do this through services such as vetting, medical care, supplies, house checks, transportation, boarding, and providing nurturing foster homes where companion animals can heal (both mentally and physically) until a rescue or permanent home is found through their adoption screening process. It is their purpose to provide and promote the importance of proper care, consistent vaccination, and spaying and neutering of companion animals to decrease the growing population. They believe ultimately this will decrease pain, suffering, and cruelty.

Friends For Life introduced the no-kill shelter model to Houston in 2012, dedicated to helping neighbors care for the pets they love. They save animals regardless of their origin, breed, age or condition. While many shelters refuse strays, animals from private citizens, or even entire breeds, instead, Friends for Life is guided by a simple principle: Every Animal Matters.

Friends of Animal Rescue is a Texas-licensed animal shelter and quarantine facility that cares for the lost and homeless animals on South Padre Island. If they are not able to locate owners and reunite them with their pets, then they take care of the medical needs including spaying/neutering, microchipping-vaccinations, etc. and then adopt them out to furever homes. They are the voice for the animals and believe every pet needs and deserves a loving home.

Friends of CountyPets is the 501(c)3 non-profit appointed to serve Harris County Pets operated under Harris County Public Health with the mission to help provide funds to support Harris County Pets' efforts to provide care for county animals and reduce the homeless pet population in Harris County, Texas. Friends of CountyPets provides a valuable service by supporting non-mandated programs like community outreach, education, and other lifesaving endeavors and special initiatives.

Friends of Dallas Animal Services is the official, non-profit fundraising partner to Dallas Animal Services, one of the largest dog and cat intake shelters in the country. Their mission is to directly benefit Dallas Animal Services by supporting programs and services that further its vision of providing compassionate care of shelter animals and finding positive outcomes for all placeable pets. They support the shelter through enrichment, fostering, medical care, and general shelter support.

Friends of Rescue Animals' (FRA) mission is to provide resources, programs, and education to promote adoption and care of homeless pets in Rowlett and the Lake Ray Hubbard areas. FRA assists Garland Animal Services by marketing their pets in need, assisting with emergency care, and sponsoring dogs' heartworm treatment. They also manage the volunteer program and help more pets in need of emergency care and heartworm treatments.

Fureverwood Rescue strives to connect humans with their furry best friends. They work tirelessly to inform and educate our neighbors about the importance of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and approaching animals with compassion. Fureverwood operates based on five core purposes: 1) rescue abandoned and injured animals, 2) fund spay/neuter clinics, 3) provide food and shelter for animals, 4) provide vet care needs, and 5) find adoptive homes for abandoned animals.

At Furry Friends Animal Aid, they rescue animals that require immediate attention from abandonment, cruelty, illness, or neglect. Their volunteers are prompt in response and experienced in animal care. They answer every call for rescue and do everything within their capability to save them and ultimately get them adopted into responsible, forever homes.

Furry Friends of Richardson is the 501(c)3 arm of the Richardson Animal Shelter. Their aim is to give a second chance to shelter animals by helping the shelter with medical expenses, adoptions, and all other needs of the shelter not covered by government mandates.

Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue is a volunteer-powered organization dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals from certain euthanasia and finding them loving forever homes. They specialize in rescuing cleft palate neonates, hydrocephalus, and other special needs babies and have a very high success rate with these unique cases. Their main base is located in Houston, and they have a crew of people from all over Texas.

Galveston Island Humane Society (GIHS) is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and the protection and prevention of unwanted or homeless animals on Galveston Island since 1981. Their humane shelter provides care for lost or homeless pets, reunites pets with families, and promotes the adoptions of pets needing homes. Their programs work diligently to reduce the numbers of pets in the community and are committed to assuring that adoptable pets are kept available until they are placed in a family or transferred to a partner organization.

Grand Companions Humane Society's mission is to help people save, honor, and connect with pets. Their commitment is to provide personalized client care for pet adoption and support for the bond between people and their pets. Their success has been having a consistent, gradual increase in pet rescue and adoptions with a success rate of 95% or more every year for more than 25 years.

Great Pyrenees Advocates of Texas (GPAT) was established to respond to the extreme numbers of at-risk Great Pyrenees dogs and Great Pyrenees mixes that need help. Their mission is to provide hands-on rescue assistance as well as community outreach and education about the breed. GPAT's commitment is to provide the care, love, and rehabilitation these dogs need and place them in the loving

Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue (GHGSDR) is a breed-specific organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming German Shepherds in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. GHGSDR is guided by three core values: dedication, integrity, and compassion. Their GSDs are obtained from public shelters after they have completed a stray-hold period or they are surrendered to them directly by owners. GHGSDR strives to ensure that each dog in their care is given the love, attention, and medical care they need to thrive.

Given the extremely high rate of dogs being euthanized in shelters for no good reason, only lack of space, as well as the rate of veterans committing suicide annually, Greenawalds Service pairs rescued dogs with veterans to help save more of both. They believe the unconditional love of a dog can give people a new purpose and something else to focus on; this also helps the dogs find the loving homes they deserve, saving two lives at a time

Gulf Coast Humane Society's mission is to provide shelter and care for homeless animals through adoption, fostering, community partnerships, education, and affordable spay-neuter and vaccine services. Gulf Coast Humane Society is the largest no-kill shelter in Texas’ Coastal Bend.

Habitat 4 Paws rescues and finds permanent homes for dogs and cats while caring for them in a foster program with rescue-based partners. Prior to adoption, all rescued dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and tested for common diseases. Beyond just sheltering animals, they act proactively in other areas to keep animals out of municipal shelters. For example, they collect and distribute dog and cat food to those in need as well as host microchip clinics so that animals will have a permanent ID and can be reunited with their owners.

Harley's Angels Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe and happy home environment for dogs deemed unadoptable (or hard to find homes for) due to age, health, or behavior. They house their dogs in cottages occupied by single dogs or groups up to three, depending on their dog friendliness. Most of their dogs live out their lives at the sanctuary, but adoptions are possible into the right home.

Haven Animal Rescue of Texas (HART) helps rescue strays and abandoned dogs, owner surrenders, and dogs suffering from neglect and abuse in Burleson County. They shelter, fully vet, spay/neuter, and then find adopters to give them the forever families they deserve. They also work hard to educate the public on proper animal care and help residents of the county to provide proper care to their pets if they are financially unable to do so. HART's mission is to prevent animal cruelty and neglect by educating the public, reducing the stray population, and caring for these abandoned and neglected pups. They aim to change the(ir) world, one pup at a time!

Heart of the Underdog’s wish is that no animal will have to endure the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment and neglect. Their mission is to advocate for pets in need through fostering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach to help strengthen the human-animal bond.

Helping Paws in Chambers County was created in hopes to raise awareness and find solutions concerning the neglected and homeless pets in the Anahuac community. The organization finds affordable and accessible spay/neuter options to have general veterinarian care available for these pets, reviews the current laws in place by our local government, educates others on the importance of spaying and neutering, outreaches to parts of the community that need help most, and is the voice for voiceless furry friends.

Honoring Hope and Fathe Rescue (HHFR) is an all-breed dog rescue committed to saving the lives of the abused, abandoned, neglected, and forgotten. They are a volunteer-based foster program that is dedicated to finding happy and forever homes for their rescued dogs. HHFR relies 100% on donations to provide monetary support for boarding expenses, vet and medical care, and operational support.

Houston Area Doberman Rescue's (HADR) mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place Doberman Pinschers in responsible and caring homes in addition to providing a resource for public education on the breed and responsible dog ownership. They serve as advocates for Doberman Pinschers who have become lost, abandoned, or abused and vaccinate, microchip, spay/neuter, and treat heartworms before the dogs are placed in new homes. HADR believes there is a real need for breed education. There are many reasons Doberman Pinschers end up in shelters, become strays, or are abandoned. They seek to make the general public aware that Doberman Pinschers are companion animals; not guard dogs to be left in a yard. They inform people of the importance of proper socialization, the need for training for a dog of any age, and the activity requirements of a working breed.

Houston Cares Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer organization working to rescue animals from the streets of Houston, caring for them in loving foster homes, where they are provided medical care and training (if needed) until forever homes can be found. It also has a Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats and feeds several feral colonies. Houston Cares works to educate the community about animal care and the importance of spay/neuter.

Houston Chow Chow Connection's goals are to rescue Chow Chows from situations that are abusive, endangering or neglectful; to rescue animals in danger of being euthanized at area shelters/pounds; to assist owners willing to keep their dogs by finding new homes for their dogs as an alternative to placing their dog in a public shelter or animal control facility; to provide necessary veterinary care; to provide permanent adoptive homes; to educate and promote the importance of spaying/neutering companion animals as well as how to help prevent animal cruelty.

Houston Humane Society is dedicated to, and working towards, ending cruelty, abuse, and the overpopulation of domestic animals while providing the highest quality of life to those brought to them for care. In addition, through their Wildlife Center, their mission is to promote environmental conservation through public education and rehabilitation of Texas wildlife.

Houston K-911 Rescue is a non-profit organization with a mission to address the immediate crisis of animal overpopulation in Houston by rescuing street dogs in poor health and in danger. They provide safe haven and rehabilitation and place dogs in loving homes to be fostered and adopted. Houston K-911 turns their lives around. Many of the dogs that they take in are emergency cases requiring immediate assistance. Houston K-911 helps dogs no matter the condition they are in: they help abandoned and neglected dogs, nurse broken bones, and help heal old and new wounds alike.

Houston Pets Alive! (HPA!) is a rescue whose mission is to save the lives of at-risk companion cats and dogs and find them loving homes. They’re not your average rescue. They act as a safety net for municipal shelters such as BARC and Harris County Animal Shelters, and they are committed to developing programs alongside them so that they can work together to reduce homelessness and save more lives around the Houston area.

Houston Sheltie Sanctuary places needy Shelties where they will be well cared for. Their goals are to rescue and rehabilitate Shelties, discouraging irresponsible breeding, and educating the pet-owning public. They work closely with shelters, other rescue groups, private individuals, and owners needing to relinquish their dogs.

Houston Sheltie Sanctuary places needy Shelties where they will be well cared for. Their goals are to rescue and rehabilitate Shelties, discouraging irresponsible breeding, and educating the pet-owning public. They work closely with shelters, other rescue groups, private individuals, and owners needing to relinquish their dogs.

I Am Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster-based, no-kill, non-profit animal rescue based in North Texas with the primary purpose to assist homeless and unwanted dogs of all breeds and sizes by providing necessary health care and rehabilitation for them prior to adoption by a loving and responsible forever family. They work with the community at large to educate people about the benefit of spay/neuter and the responsibilities and costs of pet ownership to decrease the number of homeless animals.

Jenni's Rescue Ranch rescues and rehabilitates abandoned, neglected, and abused animals and places them into loving homes. They contribute to the reduction in pet overpopulation through community education, outreach, and support.

LARAS House's mission is to save all the unwanted and thrown aside animals and give them better lives. They are the largest no-kill shelter in their area, serving Limestone County, Freestone County, Leon County, Navarro County, McLennan County and beyond. At any given time they may house as many as 100+ dogs and puppies and often a similar number of cats and kittens at both the shelter and in their foster homes.

The Living Grace Canine Ranch (LGCR) sanctuary saves, serves, and values Texas senior dogs' end-of-life journey. They are the largest dedicated senior dog sanctuary in Texas, offering rural communities an alternative to animal shelter surrenders. LGCR provides a loving home-style-living environment that promotes physical and emotional wellness. They enrich the lives of senior canines, most often deemed by society as "un-adoptable" due to medical, physical, and emotional challenges.

Lola's Lucky Day (Lola’s) helps homeless animals in Houston and Dallas who have no other options. Lola’s saves dogs and networks and transports them (once fully vetted) to partner rescue groups in Wisconsin where the overpopulation and stray dog problem doesn’t exist. Lola’s has saved over 7,650 dogs who otherwise would have had no chance at survival.

Lost Dogs of Texas’ (LDOT) mission is to reunite missing dogs with their families, show that most dogs are lost, not dumped, and educate the public on effective methods to find lost dogs. In short, LDOT helps lost and found dogs go home. LDOT partners with to provide free lost or found flyers as well as traces dead-end microchips and has helped reunite over 25,000 lost dogs with their families since its inception.

Lost Paws Rescue of Texas was organized to prevent animal suffering and animal cruelty and to help educate the public about spaying and neutering their pets as well as responsible pet ownership. They dedicate themselves to helping homeless animals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to find permanent, loving forever homes!

Maricats Rescue is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the safety, health and well-being of homeless, abused, and abandoned cats and to place them in loving, nurturing homes. Each cat in their program has been rescued from either a shelter or dire situation and is spayed/neutered, tested for FIV and FeLV, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and receive a 30-day flea treatment.

Miles of Hope's mission is to provide care and find homes for surrendered pets and found animals, and they are dedicated to preserving these animals' happiness and sanctity. Committing themselves and resources to finding forever homes for the pets that come their way, they connect loving people with loving pets. All Miles of Hope pets undergo veterinary screenings and treatment prior to being made available for adoption, and for animals in need of serious care, they treat all that is possible to prevent suffering.

Operation Pets Alive! (OPA!) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization striving to elevate Montgomery County to a no-kill community through innovative programs that raise community awareness, reduce the number of dogs and cats that enter our shelters, and increase the number of dogs and cats that leave our shelters alive.

Passport for Paws is a volunteer-based rescue committed to saving code-red animals from local Texas shelters since local Texas rescues can’t keep up with the animal demand (at no fault of their own). Passport for Paws alleviates the burden by fostering and transporting animals to rescues throughout the US. In most cases, their animals are already adopted prior to arriving onsite.

Pearl's Place's mission is to help dogs with medical conditions, whether it be skin, cancer, accidents, or anything else they need to make them adoptable. They pull from local shelters so the shelters can focus on healthy dogs while they heal the sick. Their goal is to build a state-of-the-art boarding and rehabilitation center to protect dogs from the streets and give them plenty of space to run and be the dogs they deserve to be while they wait for their forever homes.

Petco Love, in partnership with animal welfare organizations and 1,500 Petco stores across the country, helps bring pets together with loving families every day. Petco Love invests in adoption and medical care programs, spay and neuter services, pet cancer research, and numerous other lifesaving initiatives—always investing wisely in organizations with the most lifesaving impact. While Petco Love operates nationwide, GoodCharlie's roundup donations specifically fund their animal welfare efforts based in Texas.

Pets Going Places provides medical care and assists with the transportation of abandoned and homeless animals to improve the rate of positive outcomes and reduce the need for euthanasia in Texas. They focus on innovative programs that temperament tests, pulls, fosters, vets, and safely and humanely transports homeless pets to other parts of the United States to find their forever homes in locations that do not have the excessive homeless pet population found in Texas.

PugHearts of Houston is a non-profit rescue dedicated to giving unwanted and neglected Pugs a second chance. They rescue, rehabilitate, and find permanent placement for needy pugs into loving homes. None of PugHearts' dogs stay in a shelter or kennel; they reside in private foster homes and learn to live (some of them for the first time) in a home with foster siblings and parents who teach them how to be part of a loving family. Get involved with PugHearts of Houston today!

Rescue Texas' mission is to provide care, compassion, and homes to animals in need of medical attention while engaging and educating communities about responsible pet ownership. They give new life to dogs nobody wants to help because they were injured or sick. They also save dogs from cruelty and neglect and give them a new life, too.

Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) gives homeless pets a second chance at life by, sometimes literally, pulling them from death row from area shelters. Once saved and in loving short-term foster homes, these pets receive the crucial rehabilitation and medical care they need and often lacked while they were on the streets. RPM partners with reputable animal welfare organizations in areas across the United States where there is a high demand for adoptable pets and then transports these pets to those partners and onto their forever homes.

Sadie’s Place Rescue is dedicated to caring for homeless pets in the surrounding communities of Lone Oak, Texas through adoptions, community awareness, fostering, and caring for companion animals until loving homes can be found. They work to rescue as many unwanted pets as they can and operate by people who generously volunteer their time, homes, and hearts in order to provide pets the care they deserve until loving homes can be found for them.

Sasha's Pals aims to be a homeless animal's voice, writing their story and finding them furry tail endings. Each of the dogs that they save is given the time and care they need to get healthy and socialized. Fostering is a key component because most dogs act like completely different--better--in a home environment.

Sassys Dogs Rescue is a small foster-based rescue located in Midland, Texas that works directly with their local shelter to help pull dogs who are at risk of euthanasia. They also work with their community to help the countless strays and injured dogs, particularly dogs with significant medical needs.

S.A.V.E. Rescue's mission is to provide rescue for at-risk dogs and cats in the greater Houston metro and Galveston County areas using a network of hard-working volunteers and fosters. They work to reduce the number of homeless pets through spay/neuter, adoption, volunteering, and education. To this end, in addition to their rescue program, they fund free spay/neuter clinics serving low-income residents of Galveston County.

Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab's (SRGDRR) mission is to rescue Great Danes from neglect, abuse, and abandonment while providing medical care and individual rehabilitation through their experienced and loving foster home program until they are able to provide each rescued Dane with a qualified, caring, and permanent home that will ensure a good quality of life they deserve. SRGDRR also assists owners that cannot afford spaying, neutering or heart-worm treatment as funds allow while also educating owners on affordable, local spay/neuter clinics, spay/neuter benefits, vaccinations, backyard breeding, behavior, nutrition, and obedience.

Saving Hope Animal Rescue saves unwanted and abused animals, rehabilitates them, and finds their forever homes in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. They are determined to put an end to animal abuse and neglect by attacking the overpopulation problem and putting an emphasis on education and adoption.

Second Chance Poms rescues lost or thrown-away Pomeranians in the Houston area. They provide medical care and foster homes for these Poms and then adopt them into carefully-selected new families. Second Chance Poms promotes the fact that rescuing a dog is beneficial for the adoptive homes because it is a way to get a dog that, as an adult, has outgrown bad puppy habits, has a known personality and appearance, and is probably housebroken! Second Chance Poms dogs are generally very happy in their new homes and quickly bond to the new owners; they are grateful that someone finally cares!

Sonoma's Haven is a rescue and boarding facility set up to save as many furry lives as one small operation can. They offer a peaceful country setting where animals can begin to heal and grow while the humans work to locate forever families. With a stellar staff and a mobile veterinary partnership, they ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all of their four-legged guests.

Spay Neuter Network’s mission is to eliminate pet overpopulation through spay/neuter while empowering communities to care responsibly for dogs and cats. There are an estimated 350,000 stray animals in North Texas. Overpopulation places a strain on shelters and communities. By offering free or low-cost spay/neuter, and by empowering communities to care responsibly for their pets, Spay Neuter Network can be the pet health experts for animals and owners who need them the most.

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program's (SNAP) mission is to prevent the suffering and death of companion animals and to enrich the human-animal bond by providing excellent, accessible, and affordable spay/neuter and veterinary care. Since 1994, SNAP has focused on high-efficiency spay/neuter, with the goal of realizing its vision of a world with no homeless pets. Over these years, they have provided almost 750,000 spay/neuter surgeries—preventing the births of millions of unwanted puppies and kittens. SNAP is aiming to bring that number to a million surgeries.

Starlight Outreach and Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue in Friendswood and Alvin, Texas that started with a small group of volunteers who wanted to support the efforts of Houston-area shelters to provide a better quality of life for stray and abandoned animals, medical attention beyond the scope/capabilities of the facilities along with fostering, and rescue services for animals with special needs. They rescue animals from the streets of the community and provide medical care and housing until they find forever homes; trap/neuter/return services community cats to keep cat colony populations from growing and animals healthier; community outreach to loving community members whose pets need medical care beyond their financial needs to avoid having these families make the agonizing decision to either euthanize their treatable pet or give it up to a shelter to receive care, and educate the community on rescue-related issues such as the importance of spay/neuter and microchipping and what to do when you find abandoned pets.

Street Dogs is an all-breed organization dedicated to improving the lives of Houston's stray and unwanted dogs through rescue, rehabilitation, and education.

Sweet Life Rescue Center's mission is to provide a safe haven for neglected, abandoned or abused animals. They are a nonprofit rescue facility that supports local rescues by offering boarding at no cost, housing dogs awaiting adoption and long-term foster dogs.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue's mission is to care for abandoned animals in the greater Richardson area and place them into loving, forever homes. They rescue dogs and cats that have been abandoned or left in kill shelters and provide quality medical care, place the pets into foster homes, and eventually get them adopted. Take Me Home's Adoption Center also serves the community with weekend adoption facility meet and greets, isolation for new dogs and cats rescued from local shelters, a dog training facility, a food pantry, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, and a pet photography studio.

Tender Loving Crested Rescue’s (TLCR) mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Chinese Cresteds that have found themselves in less-than-desirable situations. They also strive to educate the community on the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs of all breeds due to overpopulated shelters. TLCR provides owners and breeders of Chinese Cresteds an alternative to surrendering dogs to a shelter. TLRC also informs people on how to prevent overpopulation of all breeds: spay/neuter and adopt!

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) provides compassionate solutions to pet overpopulation and community animal welfare. TCAP accomplishes this goal by making affordable, high-quality preventative services available to Texas pet owners. TCAP assists pet owners across North Texas with low-cost veterinary care. Since many animals end up in city shelters because pet owners are unable to afford routine vet care for their pets, they provide sterilizations for cats and dogs for less than $100, and when possible, free. TCAP believes that by preventing unwanted litters, fewer animals will end up euthanized in area shelters.

Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue (TGPR) is dedicated to community education about Great Pyrenees dogs and to the rescue, care, and responsible adoption of Great Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees mixes. TGPR helps Great Pyrenees that are considered at-risk for physical/mental injury, cruelty, and abandonment and that may be subject to euthanasia and inhumane treatment.

The Cattery Cat Shelter offers an alternative to traditional animal shelters in providing a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats. From there, they seek permanent, loving homes for these animals. In addition, the organization promotes public awareness regarding the value of animals and their welfare, the dangers of pet overpopulation, and the benefit of quality human-animal companionship.

The Pet Fund pays for veterinary care for individuals who cannot afford it, working only on non-basic, non-urgent care, such as medical needs including cancer treatment, heart disease, chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, eye diseases, etc. The program helps keep companion animals out of shelters and at home with the families who love them. While The Pet Fund serves pet owners in need nationwide, GoodCharlie's roundup donations specifically fund the medical needs of dog and cat owners in Texas only.

Three Little Pitties' (3LP) mission is to create pathways to permanent, safe, and loving homes through spay and neuter services, transport, and adoption. They are an all-breed dog and cat rescue dedicated to saving animals out of desperate situations, primarily in the Houston area. 3LP offers relief to shelters that are flooded with homeless dogs and cats and encourages communities to adopt from their local shelters. The animals brought into the 3LP program are adopted out to regions that do not face the same severity of overpopulation as Houston.

Tomball Save Our Strays (SOS) is a Trap-Neuter-Release nonprofit committed to making life better for Tomball's community cats. They care for several community cat colonies by providing fresh food and water on a daily basis as well as vet care when needed. Tomball SOS traps, neuters, and returns all cats that frequent their colonies and gets kittens and friendly cats into adoption programs through their local rescue partners.

True Blue Animal Rescue takes in abused, neglected, or abandoned animals rehabilitates them, and finds them great new homes. They educate the public on overpopulation and provide support by spaying or neutering animals for people who could not otherwise afford to do so. They also offer an educational program in Washington, Texas that teaches children about proper animal care, develops compassion and empathy, and builds self-esteem in children so they will become informed pet owners and future advocates for animals.

Twin Rivers Wolf And Wolfdog Sanctuary's mission is to rescue captive-bred wolfdogs and wolves that have been abused, abandoned, and/or scheduled for euthanasia. They seek out and find safe, proper, and loving homes in the correct environment, but more often provide sanctuary for those who cannot be adopted. Additionally, they educate the public on why breeding and selling these animals is ill-advised due to the complexity of care requirements far surpassing that of domesticated dogs.

WAGS Fund is a group of volunteers and pet advocates who work tirelessly to rescue, vet, foster, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs and cats found in the Houston area. They rescue adoptable dogs and cats that are likely to be euthanized in area shelters, raise funds to allow for transitional boarding until fosters are available, fully vet the animals, market them on various adoption sites and social media, and in some cases, provide behavioral and/or obedience training. They are 100% committed to rehabilitating, promoting, and marketing stray and unwanted pets until they are placed in a safe and loving home.

Waiting Under the Willow Foundation (WUWF) works hard at saving as many dogs as they can off the streets as well as off euthanasia lists at shelters across Texas. Located in Southwest Houston, they find these dogs safe and loving homes through fosters and a small facility where they house dogs waiting for transport. In addition, WUWF prioritizes spaying and neutering to help prevent the number of unwanted dogs.

Wolly Kitten Club is a volunteer, foster-home-based organization in Houston, Texas. Their mission is to provide safe and loving foster homes for cats and kittens who come from open-admission shelters until they can be transported to the Midwest where they are adopted. Due to Houston's warm climate, "kitten season" lasts nearly year-round, so the need for foster homes is tremendous. Since 2018, Wolly Kitten Club's network of caregivers has fostered more than 1,800 cats and kittens and saves more every day!

Yorkie Rescue Houston is committed to reducing the suffering of Houston's homeless, abandoned, abused, lost, and unwanted Yorkies and other small dogs through vaccination, education, spay/neuter, rehabilitation, and rehoming.

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