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What is excluded from the Emergency Fund?
What is excluded from the Emergency Fund?
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Below is a list of exclusions from GoodCharlie Emergency Fund coverage. A complete policy can be found in your MyAccount. Emergencies that occur prior to the conclusion of the 15-day waiting period; Emergencies where the member has failed to take the pet to a veterinary provider within 4 hours after the emergency fund activation by a GoodCharlie vet to seek emergency care; Preventative care, including, but not limited to: wellness exam costs, preventative treatment, including tests or diagnostic procedures; vaccinations; parasite prevention; spaying or neutering; grooming and dematting; Any scheduled appointments for routine check-ups or anticipated procedure, or any scheduled surgery or elective procedure; Emergencies that have not been deemed as such by a GoodCharlie vet via a video call; Cremation costs or memorabilia; Boarding and daycare; Treatment for illness related to the teeth and gums, unless endodontic treatment for dental injuries directly from a covered life-threatening emergency; Costs of treatments for follow-up care after an emergency; Treatment for illness or injury caused by persistent neglect of an animal; Treatment for injury or illness caused by the aggressive actions of another animal caused by deliberate endangerment off the members pet, including but not limited to organized fighting; Emergencies arising from or in any way related to pet breeding or pregnancy issues, including but not limited to nursing, surrogates, and weaning.

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