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How does the Emergency Fund work?
How does the Emergency Fund work?
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If you believe your pet is having a life-threatening emergency and need access to your Emergency Fund, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Contact a GoodCharlie vet
The Pack Member must contact a GoodCharlie vet to qualify the situation as an emergency. If the situation is deemed an emergency, the Emergency Fund will be activated and up to $750 will be available for one-time use.

Step 2: Pack Members pet is seen at a veterinarian clinic
The customer must visit a vet clinic of their choosing within 4 hours of the Emergency Fund being activated for GoodCharlie to pay up to $750 in covered services.

Step 3: After treatment is received, the final invoice is sent for review
After the GoodCharlie customer's pet has been treated and the final invoice is ready, the vet clinic will contact GoodCharlie to have the claim reviewed and up to $750 paid on behalf of the customer.

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